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We link employers with specialist recruiters.

At last, an easy-to-use platform which helps employers quickly and effectively source specialist talent, and for recruiters to grow their business through more efficient client relationships. Join us


our mission is
to link senior recruitment professionals with top corporate employers.

Elink is a social media platform which gives hiring companies access to thousands of specialist recruiters across the board under one set fees and contract. As a social media platform, it provides free powerful marketing features and analytical insights to your industry, vertical and competitors. In short, it has revolutionised the recruitment industry.

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Recruiter / Employer

Connect With
Specialist Recruiters

Our goal is to provide you with a platform to review and engage recruitment professionals with significant expertise and extensive candidate networks within your industry.

With a digital company profile, built-in analytics, and express job postings, you can access specialist recruitment assistance at the click of a button. That means faster turnaround with higher quality candidates.

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll be there to help. With added analytics and insights built into your Employer Profile, you’ll have all the visibility, tools and resources you need to track the recruitment process in real time.


Service Package

As a recruiter, you can choose a membership plan to manage
monthly job orders and help grow your business.


Work on up to 2 Job Orders

Submit up to 8 CVs

Recruitment process support


Work on up to 3 Job Orders

Submit up to 12 CVs

Recruitment process support


Work on up to 5 Job Orders

Submit up to 20 CVs

Psychometric test at discount rate

Recruitment process support


Work on up to 8 Job Orders

Submit up to 36 CVs

Psychometric test at discount rate

Recruitment process support


Is Designed to link senior recruitment professionals with top corporate employers, ELink helps to streamline business development and service delivery across all specialist recruitment sectors.


Suror Sabeti, Founder & MD

Sydney, 2017

We developed ELink because we wanted to create an ecosystem in which companies could get the specialist recruitment without the usual hassle. While specialist recruiters work with employers who allowed them the freedom to do their best work. Watch the video, and please consider joining us in creating this specialist World.