At last, an easy-to-use platform which helps employers quickly and effectively source specialist talent, and for recruiters to grow their business through more efficient client relationships. Join us.

ELink is more than a site to post jobs and exchange resumes, it is the first integrated platform to blend key elements of a relationship management system, job board and powerful digital marketing tool.

Designed to link senior recruitment professionals with top corporate employers, ELink helps to streamline business development and service delivery across all
specialist recruitment sectors.

With a few simple clicks, employers can post a job order then choose their preferred specialist recruiter for fast, effective and highly efficient talent resourcing for their permanent, contract or project-based staff augmentation needs.

And uniquely, the ELink client support team is just a phone call away to help make every employer and recruiter engagement a success.
Join us, and help create a specialist World

  • Build Your Business

  • ELink was created specifically to help recruiters grow their businesses by providing a direct connection to hundreds of job orders from top employers.
  • As a member, you can now spend less time on sales and more time on what you do best, growing talent networks and managing a quality placement process.
  • With your own digital profile and built-in analytics to help manage your client relationships, you may never need to prospect for new business again.
  • That means higher productivity and more revenue.
  • Lower Upfront Costs

  • We know the financial investment every recruiter must make to be successful.
  • There’s the cost of prospecting for new business, candidate search tools, networking and the inevitable ads on various job boards.
  • And that’s before you’ve even submitted a single resume to your client!
  • Unlike other recruitment-related systems, ELink helps to lower these upfront burdens on your cash flow by transferring most of your membership cost to a post-placement fee split.
  • That means you’ve already made your placement before sharing the rewards with us.
  • Work At Pre-Agreed Rates

  • Few recruiters enjoy negotiating placement fees with clients. Especially if you’re forced to agree to low rates just to get a foot in the door.
  • It doesn’t seem fair.
  • That’s why we’ve pre-negotiated the placement fees and business terms. And uniquely, if an employer asks to lower an agreed fee, our support team can step-in to ensure that all parties are happy before the assignment proceeds.
  • That means you can get to work on a job order knowing that you’ll get a fair price for your specialist service.
  • Manage Your Digital Profile

  • Promote your skills, experience and value proposition as a recruitment specialist through your ELink digital profile.
  • Enter key information about your career, specialisation, key projects and any other data which will help make you a stand-out.
  • You can also upload your face picture or logo and embed links to your own e-mail account, web site or YouTube video.
  • As your profile evolves with each successful placement through the ELink platform, you’ll be seen by more and more clients.
  • No more need for cold calls.
  • Get The Support To Succeed

  • Our goal is to help every member grow their recruitment business through the ELink platform.
  • Unlike many other online services or resume exchange sites, we provide on-demand support to ensure every engagement between you and your client is as efficient as possible.
  • Just tell us what you need, and we’ll be there to help.
  • And with added analytics, insights and resources built into your membership, you’ll have all the tools and support you need for success.
  • Connect With Specialist Recruiters

  • We created ELink to help employers connect directly with a selected community of specialist recruiters for permanent, contract or project-based resource augmentation jobs.
  • Our goal is to provide you with a platform to review and engage recruitment professionals with significant expertise and deep candidate networks within your industry.
  • With a digital company profile, built-in analytics and express job postings, you can access specialist recruitment assistance at the click of a button.
  • That means faster turnaround with higher quality candidates.
  • Rest Assured With Pre-Agreed Pricing.

  • We’ve done all the leg work negotiating placement fees with recruiters. No more haggling and no need to slow down the process to review and sign off on the various Terms & Conditions you’re offered.
  • Uniquely, if you want to change the agreed terms, our support team can be the neutral third party to ensure that everyone is happy before an assignment proceeds.
  • That means you can post a job order with confidence, knowing exactly what it will cost.
  • Get Fast Turnaround

  • Recruiters who have the capability to quickly source specialist or niche candidates are at the heart of our strategy for a quick turnaround to your requirements.
  • We want you to have quality resumes on your desk within 14 days.
  • That’s why we review our list of participating recruiters for industry expertise, candidate networks and the capability to meet these agreed service standards.
  • No need to find the right recruiters by trial and error. We do the background research for you.
  • Be Fully Supported

  • Our goal is to help you succeed in filling a posted vacancy quickly and effectively with the best specialist candidates available on the market.
  • Unlike other online recruitment platforms or resume exchange sites, we provide on-demand relationship management and support to ensure that every engagement between you and your selected recruiter is successful.
  • Just tell us what you need, and we’ll be there to help.
  • And with added analytics and insights built into your Employer Profile, you’ll have all the visibility, tools and resources you need to track the recruitment process in real time.
Register as an employer, create your company profile, publish a vacancy and choose your recruitment consultant.
Register as a recruiter, create a professional profile and start working on job orders.

We developed ELink because we wanted to create an ecosystem in which companies could get the specialist recruitment help they needed without the usual hassle, and for their recruitment partners to work with employers who allowed them the freedom to do their best work. Watch the video, and please consider joining us in creating this specialist Word.

- Suror Sabeti, Founder & MD
Sydney, 2017

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