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Faster, Better, Cheaper:
The eLink Difference.

eLink connects employers with thousands of Specialist Recruiters through a combination of AI and Social Media Analytics to fill vacancies FASTER, BETTER, CHEAPER.

eLink connects employers looking for best talent with a network of expert recruiters by using AI to select highest quality recruiters for specific searches. You only pay once you choose to employee our candidates.

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Specialist recruiters at your finger tips.
Access to 4,000 recruiters across 12 countries.


Less time spent on interviews.
Decrease the time spent interviewing under-qualified candidates.


Free up talent acquisitions managers’ repetitive tasks and allow them to spend more time on the better qualified candidates.


Cost reduction.
Save up to 30% on recruitment fees.

Let us find the better talent for your business faster and cheaper.

➖  Without eLink  ➖

   Risk of dealing with unproven, under-experienced generalist recruiters
  High time commitment due to inconsistent candidate quality.
  Upfront costs and hidden fees
  Lengthy hiring process.
  Highly manual recruitment process.
  Poor communication in progress reporting.
  Long and extensive agency sourcing.
  Poor candidate fit

➖  With eLink  ➖

   You only deal with Specialist Recruiters with at least 10 years’ experience and with a deep network in the market.
  Save time and find higher quality candidates.
  One consistent fee across the board, you only pay when you hire.
  Jobs filled in a matter of weeks, not months.
  Modern, proven and transparent hiring process.
  time-wasting, you can move at your own speed.
  24/7 access to top recruiters at your finger tips.
  Instant matching to the best available talent.

What our clients says about us.

From the hiring manager or talent acquisition’s viewpoint,

" Elink allows them to see a good number of high-quality candidates each day. That results in better recruiter relationships and less time wasted on the wrong candidates.“

➖  SVP of Operations, of a Fortune 10 company"



Is Designed to link senior recruitment professionals with top corporate employers, ELink helps to streamline business development and service delivery across all specialist recruitment sectors.