Why us?



Specialist recruiters at your finger tips



Less time spent on interviews



Free up talent acquisition managers



Cost Reduction



Never chase payment again

  • With our new instant finance solution, our recruiters get paid within 24 hours of making a placement. That means all your payments are guaranteed and immediate.
  • Your clients can pay your recruiting fees over six-monthly installments reducing the financial impact of recruiting through you.

Direct communication between you and clients

  • There's no filtered conversations and no middlemen 'negotiating' on your behalf.

Get Noticed by the right decision makers

  • Reduce your Business Development effort and focus more on filling vacancies.
  • No more gatekeepers as you communicate directly with the hiring manager.


Direct communication between you and your potential clients

  • There's no filtered conversations and no middlemen 'negotiating' on your behalf.
  • Simply set your profile up, add certifications and references, and start receiving work briefs all from within the platform.

Never chase payments again

  • Get paid on time, every time. Contractors are paid upon timesheet approval - that's it. No more chasing payments!.
  • ELink fees are shown at the top of the profile bands and there are no hidden costs – just clear transparency.
  • You simply create your profile and have your daily rates stated by your company administrator and an uplift is applied to your customer.

Never chase contracts again

  • With transparent availability of your contracting calendar, you can schedule future contracts with ease- and schedule time off in between as desired.
  • Build out your experience, certifications and successful contracts and see your value increase in your chosen domain.
  • Use the platform as your reputation-based CV and work scheduling tool and gain access to global clients for remote and onsite roles.

Get recognised!

  • We love to celebrate the contribution of individuals and teams within the platform. Every project delivered guarantees you a testimonial, every engagement is rated via 360/720 reviews and you will gain recognition for the quality of work you deliver.

Service Organisations

Complete control over how you work

  • Break down internal silos and manage global resources.
  • Simply create your own internal databases within the platform and manage your bench from a single location.
  • Enjoy the ability to release your bench onto the platform for external work during the low workload periods and reduce the impact of resources on your bottom line.
  • Scale and Flex to a truly agile workforce by leveraging the platform for hiring contractors and full-time staff.
  • Build out affiliate partners to enable greater flex for your workforce.

Hiring Managers

Build your own agile workforce

  • Build your own database of staff globally- and search internally for resources before going external to the largest resource pool available.
  • Focus on inclusion and diversity within the business and gain better access to available talent.
  • Communicate directly with contractors who fit your profile and add them to your “external” database. Build communities and store them for future projects.
  • Control your end-to-end talent sourcing strategy from curating candidates to onboarding and ongoing reviews for everyone involved in a project.
  • Build candidate communities for upcoming projects and reduce hiring time from months to days when projects gain approval.

Manage it all in one place

  • Our elite network of Contractors, Service Organisations, Recruiters and Hiring Managers realise true scalability, streamline their processes, and flex their teams as an when required.
  • Others use the platform to support existing projects and new projects on-demand allowing them instant scalability.
  • The Agile Workforce is here.

Financing page

For MSPs and SMBs

  • Boutique agencies can now gain funding to take on projects up to $10M if hiring through ELink for any projects.
  • Recruiters paid upfront employers can pay in installments.
  • Large Projects in any field ranging 1M – 100M funding approval within 5 business days.
  • Funding for up to 5000 contractor’s salary per month paid upfront a month in advance.
  • All payments are subject to approvals for more information contact us on (02) 8249 8149 or send us an email on info@elinkaus.com

Recruitment Simplified

  • The only platform that combines Human and AI interaction with Social Media for recruiting allowing hiring teams to identify, qualify and engage the best talent. The sheer scale of the platform- there is no equivalent. Extend your talent search well beyond your current reach.
  • The sheer scale of the platform- there is no equivalent. Extend your talent search well beyond your current reach.
  • We find talent where others can't- by leveraging contractors employed in full time roles with Services Organisations, you gain access to an increased talent pool Our AI brings the best candidates to the surface – we help mine the data, so you don’t have to.
  • Build your own Talent Database- load up your internal talent and build out your external database of talent- then build your community to engage your targets.
  • Be truly Agile - no matter where you are on the agile workforce continuum, the Elink platform is the perfect fit. Load your talent up for others to use.
  • Drive agility both ways. Enrich your Talent Acquisition Program- with no costs to set up your profile you only pay for the talent you hire- this makes Elink the perfect supplement to your current processes.
  • Project Team Financing- reduce the resourcing burden when assessing new projects by leveraging our financing services.

Recruitment Amplified

    One simple platform interface for all your recruiting needs:

  • Role vs Project
  • Internal vs External
  • Onshore vs Offshore
  • Local vs Global

  • Reduced Vendor management through a single interface and contract:

  • Bring current suppliers into the platform
  • Platform enriches current market approach

  • Lower set fees:

  • Gain specialist recruiter capabilities at the cost of generalist recruiting

  • Break down internal silos:

  • Build out your own database of staff and candidates
  • Check internal capabilities before searching

Other v/s eLink

Risk of dealing with unproven, under-experienced gerneralist recuiters.

Upfront hiring process.

High time commitment due to inconsistent candidate quality.

Highly manual recruitment process.

Poor communication in progress reporting.

Long and extensive agency sourcing.

Poor candidate fit.

You only deal with Specialist Recruiters with at least 10 year's experience and with a deep network in the market.

Save time and find higher quality candidates.

One consistent fee across the board, you only pay when you hire.

Jobs filled in a matter of weeks, not months.

Modern, proven and transparent hiring process.

You can move at your own speed.

24/7 access to top recruiters at your finger tips.


"eLink allows them to see a good number of high-quality candidates each day. That results in better recruiter relationships and less time wasted on the wrong candidates.“

SVP of Operations, of a Fortune 10 company

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